Create Invoice

Pre-Requisites to creating invoice:

  • The Brands/Type Information for the certificates being part of the invoice has to be confirmed by the manufacturer as explained here. In case of Tyre Manufacturers this is going to be a list of brands where in case of other manufacturers this is going to be a tree and all the children of every node in the tree have to be confirmed.
  • The certificates should be of same type i.e all should be passenger tyre certificates only or truck and bus tyre certificates only and so on.
If the above conditions are not met, you will receive error message as shown below:

Error message is brand/type information is not confirmed by manufacturer

Error message is certificates are not from the same type

Steps to creating invoice

  • Select the pending certificates from your certificate listing page which can be accessed from your dashboard
1 - Pending certificates selection
2 - Create invoice
  • Provide your confirmation for proceeding with creation of invoice

  • View invoice details on successful creation

1 - Invoice Detail
2 - Cancel Invoice and put the certificates back in pending
3 - List of certificates in the invoice
4 - Link to generate RGCCA
5 - Complete payment of the invoice.

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