Upload authorization letter

Authorization letter is a testimony from the manufacturer authorizing the person mentioned in the letter to access GSO services on behalf of the manufacturer for submitting conformity certificates. This letter is on the letter head of the manufacturer (uploaded while creating the profile) and signed by the person who is the signer mentioned while creating the profile.

  • Generate authorization letter from your manufacturer profile

1 - Link on manufacturer profile to generate authorization letter

  • Print the authorization letter, get it stamped and signed by authorized signatory
  • Upload the stamped and signed letter from your manufacturer profile page

2 - Place on manufacturer profile to upload your stamped and signed authorization letter.

  • After uploading the letter, the profile is available to GSO officers for approval.

NoteFrom the authorization letter generated, one can also verify if their letter head is aligned properly and looks clear. As the same letter head will be used in generation of certificates.

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