Upload XML

Reaching the Upload XML Page

In the new release, we are providing an option to upload the certificate data in the form of XML. This allows the manufacturer to add data of multiple certificates of the same type (i.e either Motorcycle or ATV or Passenger Tyre or Truck And Bus Tyre and so on) in one XML and upload the same from the application to create multiple certificates in the system. 

  You can reach the new certificate creation form

  • from your Dashboard by Clicking on CCR Forms button as shown in the image below:

  • from the certificates listing page by clicking on CCR Forms button as shown in the image below:

Structure of the XML Document - XML Schema 

Each of the certificate type (i.e Motor Vehicle, Motorcycle, ATV, Passenger Tyre, Truck and Bus Tyre and so on) you are going to create has a schema or structure associated with it which we call as XML Schema Document (XSD). 

These XSD’s can be downloaded from the XML Schema column in the table (shown in the image below) on CCR Forms page. You will be able to see XML Schemas based on the type of manufacturer.

How to make use of this feature?

This feature allows you to upload multiple certificates belonging to same certificate type in one go. But you need to be aware of how to make use of this feature. 

1. Get the sample XML for certificates you have already submitted via the Online Form.

 the highlighted box shows how to view the XML data for any certificate. This is available on your Certificate listing page.

2. Save the XML in a file and let us call it as my-tyre-certificate.xml (just for illustration, you can name it  what ever you like, but with a .xml extension or ending)

3. Load the XML file created in Step-2 into an editor which supports XML editing and XSD. 

4. You can then modify the data with in the XML tags and add multiple of <*-detail> tag.

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