New CCR via Online Form

You can reach the new certificate creation form
  • from your Dashboard by Clicking on CCR Forms button,
  • from the certificates listing page by clicking on CCR Forms button
After clicking on the CCR Forms, you will be directed to a page with all the types of certificates along with their versions listed in a table. Click on any of the CCR type to view the form for that CCR type.

The Certificate form looks something like below:

The above is an example for a Tyre Certificate. The forms for Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle certificates are similar in appearance but with different fields.

We have enabled validation of data input in the following ways:
  • Inline validation against specific fields, where in the error messages are right against the field which violated  the rules.
  • Validation after submitting the data, where in the error messages are shown above the Submit button.

On successfully saving the certificate you will find a message on top of the Submit button with a link to view the certificate just added.

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