My Dashboard

1. We provide a dashboard for Manufacturer main account and for recall delegates.
2. After login navigate to:

- If you are user without any manufacturer account and not recall delegate, you will get a message to create new manufacturer profile:

1 - Click on the button to create new Manufacturer Profile

- If you are manufacturer main account, the dashboard will be as shown below:

1 - Name and Type of Manufacturer
2 - Manufacture Profile Status, Click on View Profile to view profile detail
3 - Count of certificates in different status across all the years
4 - Launch Add new certificate form
5 - Launch Upload certificate XML page
6 - Type/Brands Tree
7 - Breakdown of Approved, Rejected certificates across Model Year (for Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles) and Production Year(for Tyres)
8 - Latest 5 Invoices/Batches, click on View all  to view all the batches.
9 - Delegate more users for recalls
10 - View list of manufacturers user is delegate of
11 - Count of recalls in different status (Pending, Approved, Rejected)

Note: The Tyre Manufacturer will not see the section related to recalls i.e (not see Item 9, Item 10 and Item 11 in the image above)

- If you are a user delegated to create recalls, the dashboard will be as shown below:

1 - List of Manufacturers the user is delegate of.
2 - Launch create new recall wizard.
3 - Detail of the manufacturers user is delegate of.
4 - Authorized person name and email for Manufacturer.
5 - Count of recalls in different statuses created by logged in user and by other users on behalf of the manufacturers he is delegate of.

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