How can I create a new recall?

To be able to create a recall you should login as one of the following:
1. Manufacturer's main account
2. User who has been delegated for recalls by manufacturer

Steps to create new recall
1. Login to your dashboard

2. Click on the Green color New Recall Button to load the recall creation wizard.
If you are manufacturer main account, the New Recall button is towards the bottom
If you are recall delegate, the New Recall button is towards the top of dashboard

3. First step enter the recall details

4. Second step, select the affected types
1 - Search for the affected types
2 - Click check box to select the type
3 - List of selected types
4 - Click to clear out the individual selection
5 - Click to clear out the complete selection
6 - Click to move to next/previous step

5. Third step, enter the count of effected vehicles in the each country

1 - Enter the number of affected vehicles in each of the countries listed
2 - Click on save to create a new recall

6. Wait for sometime for the page to be redirected to show the details of newly created recall.

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