How do I delegate users/revoke delegation to create recalls?

1. Recalls are NOT available for Tyres Manufacturers
2. Only Main account of manufacturer can delegate users/revoke delegation to create recalls

Steps to delegate users:

1. Login to your Manufacturer Dashboard, you will find recalls related section towards the end as shown below:

1 - List of Recalls delegates for the manufacturer
2 - Click to delegate more users for the manufacturer
3 - List of manufacturers the logged in User is a delegate of
4 - Create new recall on behalf of the manufacturers
5 - Break down of the count of recalls in each status

2. Click on blue color Delegate More button to load the page for adding more users as shown below:

1 - Search for user by Email or username
2 - List of users matching the search
3 - Click on the button to add  the user to delegate list
4 - Click on the button to remove the user from the delegate list
5 - List of delegated users

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